Understanding the Truck Classification System

A truck or lorry is usually a large sized motor vehicle designed mainly to transport heavy loads. Trucks range greatly in size, horsepower, and configuration. Some trucks are small versions of passenger vehicles. Other types of trucks are large enough to be used for pulling large cargo ships. Smaller types can also be mechanically similar to many cars. Some trucks are designed so that they can be driven with an operator’s license.

Pickup trucks are often the first vehicles people attempt to purchase. These vehicles are similar in size and design to late model passenger cars. Many pickup trucks are built on a chassis similar to sport utility vehicles, making them slightly larger than many family sedans. However, these vehicles tend to be much less expensive and are more rugged when compared to passenger cars. Most pickup trucks are powered either by diesel or gas engines. The engines in these vehicles are capable of working on a variety of surfaces including snow, slush, ice, and other hard conditions.

Light trucks are generally used for transporting materials. Most light trucks come with a bed that can carry a wide variety of objects including but not limited to supplies, furniture, and luggage. Trucks are most commonly used to carry goods or materials long distances. The weight and volume of the load carried through a truck can significantly alter the cost of the vehicle. As a result, truck companies often invest a significant amount of money in building better truck tractors that can accommodate more cargo. In addition to improving the quality of the raw materials, companies that build better heavy-duty pickup trucks also make changes to the vehicles to increase safety features.

There are many different makes and models of pickup trucks. General Motors offers the Chevrolet Volt, which is the only American made car capable of being remotely operated. Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge all produce pickup trucks that can handle off road environments. Other manufacturers include Dodge, Kia, and Ford.

Another distinction between passenger cars and heavy duty trucks lies in the structure of the vehicle. Smaller passenger cars are built with smaller cabins and rear wheel drive. Truck cabins are larger and have greater storage capacity. Light trucks are designed to haul cargo over long distances without constant changing of tires. For long distance hauling, truck drivers use either chain or gear driven power.

The differences between small passenger cars and large heavy-duty trucks are easily seen on the highways. A family sedan is smaller than a truck, but even a sedan cannot match the sheer size of a pickup. A pickup can hold as much as five people, whereas a family car only seats three. A large passenger car or truck has the ability to haul a motorcycle, yet the truck classification usually places larger vehicles in this class. Because the truck has become the common vehicle for transporting people and goods, truck driver jobs are very popular.

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