Robert Bosch: Work at the Center of the Auto Parts Industry

The auto parts market is truly international. Suppliers work across the globe, not just in Antarctica. Globalization has dramatically changed the automotive industry in many countries including the United States. Automakers have responded by building more “built-in” or foreign-made vehicles. In the past, a vehicle was “built-in” by the manufacturer in the United States. However, with the global crisis of late, American car makers and dealerships have had to think globally.

Many American automobile manufacturers are based in the heartland of the country. These companies tend to use a local distributor network in order to maintain consistent delivery and availability. With a few exceptions, the vast majority of auto parts and accessories are produced in the home state of the manufacturer. In order to service all of these locations, an extensive network needs to be maintained.

As gasoline prices continue to mount, more auto parts suppliers will need to rethink their strategies. In some areas, it can be virtually impossible for a manufacturer to maintain even a one-percent rate of sales without tapping into “fringe” markets. In other areas, such as Japan, there is little or no competition because fuel prices are so low. Fuel prices are the single greatest factor that has increased overhead in the auto parts industry, as well as customer service. These two factors will need to be addressed if manufacturers are going to continue to increase market share.

One way that the auto parts industry can continue to grow in the face of the burgeoning of new and emerging economies is by tapping into markets beyond the traditional U.S. For example, China, India, and many other emerging markets are quickly becoming the largest consumers of automotive parts. If these emerging economies continue to grow at the rate they are, the U.S. will find itself increasingly irrelevant as the world’s largest consumer of auto parts.

Beyond the automotive sector, there are still many opportunities for the auto parts industry. In fact, there is a tremendous need for automotive service and repair personnel in the building trades. In addition, there are still a wide range of opportunities beyond the realm of car manufacturing. The twenty-first century will be nothing short of a renaissance for the auto parts industry, and this is good news for everyone.

In the past decade, Bosch has been able to reinvent itself time and again. Bosch is a quality leader, with an unmatched combination of innovation, dedication, and superior performance. This company is a leader in innovative technologies and an innovator in the automotive industry. If you are interested in being part of the team that saves lives and creates solutions for safety, sustainability, and performance, you should consider a career with Bosch. If you love cars, you will love working at this extraordinary company

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