Different Types of Trucks That Are Used by the Truck Driving Industry

A truck or van is an industrial vehicle designed to carry heavy cargo, carry various payloads, or do other utilitarian function. Trucks range greatly in size, strength, and configuration, but most of them contain a single cab with an independent operational payload part. Most trucks, however, contain at least two different cab types – one carrying the driver and passengers, and the other carrying the freight. The cab of a pickup truck may also contain a compartment for a large engine.

Trucks are classified according to how they are powered. The most popular configuration of today’s trucks is a flatbed truck, which is a cross between a pickup truck and trailer hauling vehicle. These trucks carry goods on their beds, out of the cab, rather than off the ground clearance.

Flatbed trucks may have a single or double cab configuration. Most trucks have a front wheel drive, although there are some 4-wheel drive trucks on the market. Almost all trucks are enclosed with a steel box to protect the cab, engine, and other components from the weather. There are also four wheel drive trucks, often called utility vehicles, which have a small bed and a flat bed on which to transport goods. Many utility trucks may have one or two large engines.

Other common types of trucks are wheeled construction trucks, which usually carry supplies and materials to and from job sites. They can be driven by hand or with the help of a hand truck and are ideal for transporting goods over long distances. Trug trucks, sometimes called dump trucks, are large vehicles that haul waste products and other material, rather than men. Some two trucks have a small bed that can be lifted up and driven away, while others are fitted with an axe. The cab of such a truck can also be lifted up and driven away. Such trucks may also have a crane type attachment that can be used to haul large items.

Another truck type is the utility pickup, sometimes called a utility hauling truck. These trucks are used to haul both heavy machinery and passenger cars, and are most often used in construction projects. The cab of a utility pickup is different from that of other types of trucks, in that it generally has a long side and back, rather than a short side and a long back. Most utility trucks have either a sealed or open cab. The open cab allows for better airflow around the driver, whereas the sealed cab provides more protection from the elements.

Military trucks may be used for different applications as well. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps trucks are used for troop and supply transportation. There are also Hummers, which are mainly used by members of the armed services to move from one location to another. One of the most common military-related trucks is the Mine-Resistant Polyethylene truck, which is sometimes called a MRP, or vehicle mounted fighting machine. The Mine-Resistant Polyethylene truck is heavily armored, has a reinforced frame and is almost immune to mines.

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